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Yongam Valley Descent - A "dry run"

Since early last year, we've been looking at Yongam Falls, on Worak mountain. It was actually quite hard gathering information before making a visit.

Blogs gave conflicting reports of size and location - and instagram didn't turn up any useful leads.

We could not help but wonder why the waterfall was so overlooked.

Once parked at Mansugyo Rest Area - a large free parking area - the waterfall is immediately visible from the road.

Although dry, it did look reassuringly large.

Approach is relatively straight forward - and can be made discreetly, even though you will pass a Woraksan Visitor Centre.

At this sign, on the trail up to Mansubong, look for an unmarked trail behind - it will take you to the top of the falls.

The descent, whilst not especially impressive on the day, showed real promise. We intend to return during the monsoon period.

We now have the approach and anchors all sussed out. We think a 30 minute approach is possible, and descent made within an hour.

After finishing, Mansugol is a lovely place to rest your feet.

Below, is a picture lifted from another adventurer's blog, showing the kind of water we'd hope to find on our next trip.

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