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The End of Another Year (Almost...)

It's been a while since we dropped a blog post - but December seems like a fairly opportune time to reconnect.

2023 has been another good year and it has seen a significant development in our 'Guidebook' project.

We long ago gave up on adding beta to sites like

That wasn't because there is anything wrong with the website (in fact, we highly rate it), but rather because canyoning in Korea is a slightly different beast and the format wasn't quite convenient enough for us (excuses...)

Having abandoned making contributions to other online resources, we were becoming increasingly aware that a lot of collected knowledge was at risk of becoming misplaced.

So, we finally decided to sit down and compile it all together.

We have created a shareable pdf and doc file that can be shared and edited.

This guidebook is available to anyone inside our affiliated recreational group.

Here are some screengrabs of the guide being read from a pdf reading app on our phone:

It is still very much a work in progress, and could benefit greatly from some further proofreading, but we do think it - at minimum - gives you a real headstart if you're looking to explore the wild places of South Korea.

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