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At Canyoning Korea, our activities are designed around the concept of making a journey. Our Guided Ridge Climbs will take you off the hiking trails and onto the seemingly inaccessible rock faces, linking a series of pitched rock climbs so that you can summit some of the mountain's less frequented peaks. These tours run year round and they are a perfect spring or autumn activity.
All of our Ridge Climbs are appropriate for absolute beginners. We'll give you all the instruction you require and set the challenge to meet your abilities. We wear helmets and harnesses on all the scrambling sections and use ropes to protect all of the difficult parts of the route.


Ridge Climb

Gwanaksan Rockface
Gwanaksan Over the Edge

Our Gwanaksan Ridge Climb is the easiest climb we offer - but it's still exposed and vertical - giving you that adrenaline thrill if that is what you're looking for.

There are easier lines on each section if that is what you prefer, though we are confident that we can coach you through all of the more intimidating sections of this scramble. 

This tour is also ideal if you're short of time. It is accessible from Seoul's public transportation system - we take you straight up from the city onto the rock and then back down into civilization.

As a half day activity (3-4 hours) this tour is 90,000 won per person

It is possible to extend this route and add in an additional ridge or build it into a longer full day hike

Minimum Age: 12 years old

Maximum Group Size: 4 people

To secure a booking, contact us by email or phone

+82 10 2318 1645


Ridge Climb

Bukhansan is the large mountain which dominates the skyline on the northern edges of Seoul city. The mountain is home to some of the country's best rock climbing and there are also numerous ridges that are well within the capabilities of any non-climber - assuming you have a guide who can show you the way and set up all of your ropes. If you make an inquiry about tackling one of Bukhansan's ridges, we'll discuss the options with you and see what it is you're after and which ridges are in the best condition.

Bukhansan Ridge Climbs typically take more than 4 hours to compete.

Rates start at 120,000 per person with prices going up for longer and more difficult tours

Minimum Age: 12 years old (on the easier ridges)

Maximum Group Size: 2 people to 1 guide

To secure a booking, contact us by email or phone

+82 10 2318 1645

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