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We all have to do our bit

On a trip to Domachi Valley (도마치계곡), we must confess to being very disappointed with the amount of trash we saw - literal mountains of it. The swimming spots along the length of the valley are stunningly beautiful, and it is no surprise that this place would be popular, but if people can carry things in, they can certainly carry them back out.

It is easy to get angry, and feel disheartened by this state of affairs. It is shameful that the young men on military service at the nearby base should have to clean all of this up.

But, there is no cause to feel completely impotent with regards to the situation. As a tour operator, and an organisation that uses social media regularly, there are steps we can take to promote a more responsible attitude towards caring for the environment. Glamorous instagram posts do much to grow the popularity of outdoor sports and encourage people to go out and try camping for themselves. As well as showing the fun side of the activities we enjoy, I think we should also endeavor to show a little more of the steps we take to tidy up and care for the wilderness. We'd also ask other social media users to do the same.

We think you'd all agree that this last picture looks much better than the first three.

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