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There is some extensive trail work going on in the location where we run our Serpent's Tail Canyoning Tour.

Our more personal thoughts on the work aside, tours will temporarily be suspended in this venue.

Our apologies to those groups for who we've had to cancel over the Chuseok Holiday.

Access agreements, here, are always precarious and we aim to cooperate with local governments rather than give them any cause castigate us.

Long term, we are not sure what the implications will be for the future of this particular tour. One of the best things about the Serpent's Tail canyon was that it was untouched - and offered a real escape from the crowds and the hustle & bustle of the city.

It is also important for us to run tours with a certain level of discreteness. We need to protect our venues and at this delicate time we also need to be careful about the level of motivation we might indirectly inspire in the unwary.

We'll keep you posted.

There are many canyons here, and as always, we shall endeavor to find adventurous activities accessible to those living in Seoul.

Happy Holidays!

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