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The Lost Valley - Before and After

Over the years, the location of our Lost Valley tour has undergone some rather dramatic (and presumably expensive) changes.

Stairways, bridges and stepping stones have been added.

A few years ago, at Yongso Falls 1, there was a handline and a few via ferrata style orange rungs; inconspicuous when viewed from afar. Below the falls, large concrete stepping stones have been laid, which shift each time the valley floods.

These metal stairs at Yongso Falls 2 were added sometime between the Summer of 2018 and Spring of 2019. As you can see, they are quite transformative - and not in a good way.

These things can always be removed, the valley can potentially be restored to a relatively natural state - but these additions are part of a growing trend in Korea; a trend which actually concerns us quite a lot.

Still, it is a fantastic place to visit - and we know the unspoiled spots in this valley. We also take you off the stairs and walkways. When you're in the water, going over the slides, all these distractions melt away.

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