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Unfortunately, the coronavirus situation, here in Korea, has taken a slight turn for the worse, with new cases reported and a potentially large population that may have been affected.

Today, we resume regular sessions with Matari Forest School, in line with current guidelines as set by the Korean Ministry of Education.

We are also continuing to run canyoning tours.

At present, there is no lockdown in Korea.

It is impossible to live a productive life by acting on the assumption that you have the coronavirus - unless there are clear indicators to suggest you might have it. Our understanding of the best way to proceed, in these circumstances, is to limit your activities as they pertain to potential exposure; avoid large crowds.

All of our tours are small and private, allowing you and us to track our respective interactions as they relate to the most up to date coronavirus news.

Before tours commence, we'll ask you some basic additional questions, and provide a statement assuring you that our guides are fit to the best of our knowledge. If anything should change before the tour starts, we allow full refunds.

The mountain venues we use for our tours are quiet and rarely visited.

It is essential to stop the spread of the virus, and protect vulnerable groups. We are extremely unhappy with the sentiment that making money should ever come before people's health.

However, Korea has managed the situation very well so far. There is a lot of information available. As canyoneers and mountaineers, risk assessing with measured responses are part of our trade. We're very confident that our guides are fit, at present, and we're fully aware of their current activities. We have no reason to believe that any of them have been exposed, and should we have any concerns in that regard, we absolutely will not run tours.

Part of our whole approach to running this company is to ensure we do things safely and sustainably.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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