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Looking for a Special Course

Alongside our main canyons, we are always exploring South Korea; looking for new canyons where we might be able to take you after the main season quietens down.

These canyons will be in the less well frequented parts of the country - offering you a glimpse at a side of this country that even the locals rarely see.

Is this something that might interest you?

Then keep checking in with us. When we are not running tours in Gapyeong, Inje or Uljin, we are travelling around to look for the next great canyon descent. If any of these pictures pique your interest, we can tell you exactly where it was taken and what the location has to offer.

Gyeongbang Valley

This descent involved a one hour hike through rarely traversed forest. Once you drop in at the top of Biryong Falls, you must stay within the confines of the gorge until you reach the pools at the bottom of the last fall. This canyon also holds one of the longest slides we've done so far in this part of the world.

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