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Some clarity on Social Distancing Restrictions?

As of yesterday morning, we were assuming that we could run tours for 3 people (thereby adhering to the 4 person maximum group size after our guide is counted).

This morning, in consultation with an official, we have been informed that we can actually take 4 people.

It all gets a little complicated - and we're not writing this blog entry to make any comment on how sensical the current restrictions are - but we'll try and explain.

All of our tours are private and exclusive.

We can take 4 people.

Current guidelines put a restriction on the number of people that can attend our tours assuming that they know each other.

In practice, we could take 8 people if it was two separate groups of 4 (that did not know each other).

So, if you make a booking on behalf of 2 groups of strangers, we can accommodate more people.

Confused? Don't worry - drop us a message, and we'll do our best to explain.

As always, stay safe - and we hope to see you soon!

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