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Out with the old...

It's that time; we've been busy doing our big annual pre-season gear checks (in addition to our regular monthly and pre/post tour checks 😉)

We've just retired a bag full of dyneema and nylon slings. It is a shame, that due to corona, they didn't get the full usage that was their due in their final year, but the clock is running on these things as soon as they are introduced into service.

We take safety very seriously at Canyoning Korea. We want you to know that our gear is always fit for purpose. And no guide should have any doubts as to the reliability of their equipment.

We are a small company, so it is easy to manage and track retired equipment. We mark up, log and store the old slings separately - but we don't chuck them. Our old slings go into the camping bag or we use them for working with youngsters (in non-critical activities).

What do you do with your old slings?

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