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New Set of Threads for the Matari Forest School Kids

The kids at Matari Forest School, with which we have been affiliated for 4 years now (!), have finally got some new uniforms - so you'll finally be able to recognise us on the mountains.

When we began working with Matari Forest School, we did one 2 hour session a week, which was supposed to be centred around learning English in the outdoors.

We now average three sessions a week and have been allowed the freedom to build our own curriculum over the years. Whilst we still build our sessions around teaching the young kids a second language, we have always geared our classes towards teaching life skills that are often neglected within their mandatory school education.

We feel very privileged to be part of the Forest School and we've been very happy to see it grow. Not only has our involvement expanded, but we've also seen the team of teachers quadruple in size to cater to the demand for Matari Forest School's unique approach towards teaching. There is a growing appetite for alternative forms of education here.

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