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Munjigol: Wild camping and going off trail in waterfall country

Last year, a recurring piece of feedback we received on our short tours was an interest in a multi day tour; taking a day to hike in somewhere, then a day to swim and jump back out.

A location that immediately sprung to mind was Munjigol, a valley which is nextdoor neighbour to our Lost Valley tour.

So, we packed our bags and hiked in for a 3 day expedition of these two gorges (wetsuit and canyoning gear too!)

Munjigol is stunningly beautiful, but also deep dark and rarely visited. You know you're off trail when you run into numerous long-tailed gorals, yellow throated martens, owls and you come face to face with a wild pig (at 25m...!)

As lovely as this valley is, the going is tough. There are precarious ledge traverses to contend with and so so many stream crossings (which will slow you down considerably if you're keeping your feet dry (there is still snow on the ground this time of year)).

We're not sure how it could really fit into our tour lineup. It certainly has potential for wet hiking and wild camping, but we're unsure how well it would gel with the true canyoning style descents we favour - wetsuited up for long swims and lots of jumping and sliding.

Ascending Munjigol, and then descending the Lost Valley (from one of its sources) was a real eye opener for how much potential there is in this particular area. There were countless waterfalls and steep little gullies. Lots of hard work would be required to check these out, and quality (with regard to duration and content) is no guarantee when exploring any of these other little streams.

By the time we got the camera out, this pig was already bolting away. This is the closest encounter we have had with one here. Later on, in the same day, another pig was spotted on the other side of the valley.

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