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Kayak and Rafting Expedition

We spent last week on a kayaking and rafting expedition, working with Songkang Canoe School, for Dulwich International College's outdoor leadership programme. Along with 4 other guides, 2 guys running logistics, and 7 teachers, Kyu and Jak helped 60 eleven year olds paddle their way down the Hongcheon river.

Weather was not ideal midweek, but a bit of rain and cloud does make for very atmospheric scenes on the river.

The children were responsible for setting up their own camp and cooking their own meals.

Jak taught the kids some fundamental rafting skills, allowing them to navigate the class II river without an adult sitting in the raft with them. They paddled between 4 and 8km each day - an impressive feat considering it was the very first encounter with paddlesports for most of the children.

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