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"It's Dangerous..."

There have been government alerts sent daily to our phones, warning of high water and landslides; numerous instagram posts illustrate the extreme impacts of this year's monsoon.

A frequent comment made with regards to potential kayak, climbing, swimming or canyoning activities during this time has been, "it's dangerous".

It isn't my intention to write a post arguing for the freedom to choose what degree of risk we ought to be allowed to expose ourselves to.

Instead, I wanted to say this, with regards to the mountains and rivers - It's ALWAYS dangerous.

Risks and dangers on the mountains and rivers are ever present. We are not always consciously aware of them because it does not necessarily require a high level of skill to mitigate these hazards.

Often, during periods of 'normal' weather, the probability of being affected by some of the hazards is so low, that even without any skill or knowledge, you can enjoy the mountains and rivers without ever coming to harm just through a bit of good luck.

So, yes, the mountains are dangerous right now. They always are. If you can't recognise the specific dangers, then you certainly aren't equipped to take the appropriate safety precautions.

When in doubt, seek the guidance of people more experienced and qualified. If you are still left with the feeling that the mountains and rivers are dangerous, follow your instinct and stay away.

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