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As well as offering guided tours, we are also very interested in exploring new streams and developing the sport of canyoning, in Korea.

If you're an experienced canyoneer, and have your own equipment, we invite you to contact us.

Many places have been explored or ascended already, but there are no good sources of information for descents. Jumps and slides are rarely documented, and in many instances, we assume unattempted. Here are some of the descents we are eyeing up this year:

1.) Lava Falls, on Mansu Peak (Worak mountain)

Photo credits:

This looks like a short, but rather impressive roped descent. There are trail access restrictions, and it is a long hike in to find the valley start, but a discreet descent is probably possible. No idea on the likelihood of finding good natural anchors.

2.) Guryong Falls, in the Odae mountain range

Photo credits:

There are possibly nine individual drops, on this tributary of the Sogeum river.

Two of the drops are clearly signposted with 'No Swimming', but it looks like the slides above may be approached and descended discreetly.

There are lots of streams on Odae mountain; some have been kayaked in spate despite the restrictions.

3.) Onjeong Valley, on Seorak mountain

Photo credits:

This looks like quite a steep and long descent. We did Deokju last year, which had a couple of big waterfalls in. Natural anchors were available, and both valleys are climbed, but not descended canyoning style. Low water means there are a few deep pools; no slides or jumps.

4.) There are also some high water runs on Eungbong mountain, where we have our Lost Valley tour; we're not sure how big the descents might be. Most likely, we'll take a look when we revisit the venue for tours or pre tour checks.

We track other leads here, on this googlemap:

We use this map to record dead ends as well as successful descents. It is a bit of a mess right now, but most of the info is up to date. We try to differentiate venues by the activity you can undertake there: wild swimming, canyoning or valley trekking.

Other updates:

Our instagram account has been suspended once again. We have no idea why. It is under appeal once more.

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