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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Something we used to do on our old insta, from time to time, was post an image with a map or flags of the countries from which we have welcomed guests on our tours.

We thought we'd share something similar, for the first time, on our blog space.

Canyoning Korea Guest Countries

There are a few smaller countries that don't quite pop out at this scale: Singapore, French Polynesia and Trinidad & Tobago.

We've also had visiting friends from Japan and China up a couple of the mountains here too.

Unfortunately, with all the strange weather we had here, this summer, we had to cancel tours for groups from Azerbaijan and India as well.

We often lead sessions and expeditions for Songkang Canoe School and Adventure Korea, taking out kids from the three main international schools in Seoul, but we've left many of those countries uncoloured this time.


We used this cool free interactive map on,DK,FI,FR,DE,IE,IT,NL,NO,PT,RU,TR,UA,GB,CA,MX,TT,US,AR,ZA,IR,SG,KR,LK,AE,VN,AU,PF

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