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Closer to Home

After the heavy rain yesterday, the canyons are a little too high to run safely. We thought we'd take a trip out closer to home, to see if the oft dry Buram Falls had any water. Previous image searches on the internet have shown that this waterfall can grow to an epic size.

It wasn't so big today, but - this was the first time (out of numerous ascents of Buramsan) we've ever seen anything more than a trickle coming over the top. There are a couple of smaller falls up above - good spots for a picnic if you need to escape the Summer heat.

The eastern side of Surak mountain holds a few interesting drops, and after rain, there are some impressive falls on the larger of Seoul's mountains: Dobongsan and Bukhansan.

Not a canyon as such, but our exploration of narrow gorges is always in pursuit of waterfalls rarely seen.

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