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Canyoning Group

6 years ago, before the idea of Canyoning Korea (as a professional guiding company) had properly formed, we had a facebook page with the stated intention of collecting and sharing canyoning information in Korea. It was our hope that canyoneers, already in Korea, would use it to network.

Unfortunately, nothing ever came of it.

There were no contributions.

All enquiries to the group were for guided tours.

This year, finally, with the exposure that the Canyoning Korea company has given us, we now have an active group in a messenger chat room.

The group is 9 strong, with a couple of other members receiving info third hand.

With a larger group, that is highly motivated, we ought to be able to overcome difficulties of schedule clashes, transportation and living apart.

Already, owing to information shared within the chat group, a successful descent has been made of Yeomjugol in Seoraksan. This is perhaps Seoraksan's premier canyon.

We know second and third hand of failed attempts by locals to find and descend this canyon. With the information and knowledge contained within our group, 2 American canyoneers, new to the country, were able to access and descend the stream on their first trip to Seoraksan, without guidance or accompaniment.

Let's hope more is to come!

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