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Bad Air

Today, we had to cancel another session with Matari Forest School - the second time this month! Again, the reason was the severity of the air pollution.

For the children, we had planned a short circular hike on Gwanak mountain, on trails they are unfamiliar with. This is part of a programme designed to help them build their own mental map of the area.

Plans aside, the issue of bad air is getting increasingly worrisome.

A frustration of ours, is how politicians will often obfuscate when discussing climate change. We think, the situation around air quality is something that would be much much harder to deflect without forfeiting all credibility.

We really wish more would be done.

However, there are steps we can take in our own daily lives. So much pollution is driven by consumption. Take a look at your lifestyle; how much do you consume; how much does your demand fuel production and wastage. How accustomed have you grown to comforts that you could reasonably give up?

Excusing your own bad habits with claims that it would make no larger scale change is far too convenient. We have to make adjustments to our own lifestyles before we can hope to make broader societal change. Small changes are not pointless; they are the essential first step!

We are making up for the missed classes at the end of this month.

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