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A Very Local Recce

Today, after the heavy rains (and the whole of Seoul on Typhoon warning - despite the beautiful weather (here, at least)), we did the most local canyon we've ever run before.

Following a lead from a facebook post, we visited a mountain that you would not ordinarily associate with the sport of canyoning. With heavy rain an otherwise dry slab of rock becomes a gorgeous little creek.

It was a scrappy approach, but the views, once in the gully, were stunning - especially with the blue skies and clean air.

The water ran clear and there wasn't another soul in sight.

There are actually old stone cairns the whole way down.

Three of us made the descent. It was straight forward - and the main fall was actually bolted (for a climbing line). We rigged from a tree on the opposite side so that we could come down in the flow.

Further down the valley we came across some fences reminiscent of scenes from Jurassic Park, though their purpose is really just to protect downstream apartments from rapidly descending, heavy debris.

It didn't take us too long - perfect for a free morning - and even allows for a late(ish) start.

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