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A Quick Catch-up

Bukhansan and Dobongsan, on a recent Hiking Tour

Things are beginning to warm up again, and once more we have our sights on an upcoming Canyoning Season. We've been busy on the mountains but it has been a long time since we got really wet.

Hopefully, the worst of covid is behind us, and things return to some semblance of normality here.

Unfortunately, the cost of living is on the up everywhere.

Whilst we weathered the storm of the pandemic, we are now facing some tough decisions for 2023.

Despite rising costs, we kept our prices down during the last 2 years. Now, however, we are going to have to make some adjustments.

The price increases reflect how much more expensive it is to run the tours these days.

We're committed to adding value where we can to soften the blow.

We feel some explanation of pricing is required, as our prices (at first glance) will become higher than those of other comparable activities. Here is where we are different:

  1. We offer private tours. They are smaller in scale and tailored to your needs. This requires a little more work behind the scenes. It also means we can't take advantage of the cost saving you make when you provide things at scale.*

  2. We provide properly trained staff**

  3. We provide quality equipment that is regularly inspected**

  4. Canyoning, at present, is still an exclusive activity here.

The transition to a new pricing system means the website and third party listings will need a bit of an update. This means some features on this site, like the Korean language option, will be temporarily disabled - as we move things around and make a few other changes.

Our pre-tour info packs are getting an update to include some new measures we are taking towards looking after our venues and the environment.

Bookings through third parties are also going to be altered - so that contact between us and our guests is initiated before any tour is sold. This is to ensure that people are booked onto the appropriate activity and that their expectations are more realistically set.

Some activities are also getting a few content improvements so we need to edit the blurb and pictures for those too.

*The main reason we don't want run big open tours is because the cost saving is actually a bit of lie. What really happens is the cost is placed on the environment with the all the extra foot traffic. The local flora and fauna ends up paying the price. Big tours also compromise on your enjoyment (longer queues in the canyon = more waiting = getting cold and bored)

**Honestly, we don't think this is always the case, here, in Korea.

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