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Guided Ridge Climbs

What are Guided Ridge Climbs?

Our Guided Ridge Climbs are mountain tours that involve something a little more than simple hiking on the trail. The word we'd use to describe the specific type of activity here is 'Scrambling'. Scrambling, like climbing, involves the use of your hands, as well as your feet, to move on the rock. Whilst we do move over steep terrain and work our way across some precipitous ledges, scrambling is not quite as vertical or difficult as true Rock Climbing. The activity is accessible for beginners. We offer tours at 3 different levels of difficulty:




Level 1 tours have sections of steep and exposed trail; there are ladders, bridges and ropes. This level does involve some scrambling on rock. 

Level 2 tours are steeper and are not always equipped with ladders or ropes. Scrambling is exposed and challenging.

Level 3 tours do involve sections of vertical climbing. 

Where are our Guided Ridge Climbs?

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