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Gwanaksan Ridge Climbs

Osiris's Ridge (Level 2)

Duration: 5-6 Hours  /  Groups: 1-6 people  / Location: Gwacheon, Seoul

Min. Age: 14  /  Price: 90,000 per person 

On this challenging trail, we tackle 2 ridges, topping 14 peaks; this is reputedly the hardest path up Gwanak mountain.
Our first waypoint is Munwon Falls, where we detour away from the main trail and head up to the ridge. On the way up, we scramble and climb on numerous near vertical rock faces. 
The second ridge, which climbs down into the valley between Samseong and Gwanak mountains, is equipped with more fixed ropes, to allow for an easier descent. Along this half of the route there are many distinctive rock formations, with a 'crown' you can climb and sit upon, as well as a narrow hole to crawl through. 
When we reach the valley, we can stroll leisurely towards Seoul National University campus and the Lake Park.

Start and Finish locations are different, and on opposite sides of the mountain (but well connected by Seoul subway)

Your guide will carry a rope, should you need the extra support on the exposed sections of scrambling.

Included in the price:
Snacks and Water
Use of protective equipment where required (helmets, harness, rope, etc.)

Optional Extras:
Packed Lunch

Short Tour Variant:
We can run a shorter version of this tour. It tackles the first, more difficult, ridge - then returns back to the starting point by another shorter ridge. This tour takes about 3-4 hours, rather than 5-6.
Reduced price is 60,000 won.

A word from our guide, Jak:

"Hands down, this is my favourite mountain trail in Seoul; it is simply fantastic. At times it is challenging, and it can be intimidating, but it pays big rewards."

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