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Dangerous in the Rain?

We recently ran a tour in our Gapyeong canyon whilst the rain came down quite hard. The water levels did not get close to our cut off limit.

Within the same week, we cancelled trips to our Seoraksan Canyons because of forecast rain.

We often receive questions from our guests, and from recreational canyoneers looking to explore, concerning the safety implications of rain.

To those unfamiliar with the sport or local areas, our decisions on when and when not to go may seem arbitrary.

There are a lot of things that factor into our decisions about whether or not to run in the rain. Our decisions draw on our experience and our knowledge of the venues we use.

Different canyons have different water catchment areas; they're fed from different sources and affected differently by comparable amounts of rain.

Our canyons are also formed within different rock types - some more prone to rockfall than others in adverse conditions.

Some of our canyons don't reach their full potential for fun until there is some extra water.

We want to reassure you, prospective guests, that we take your safety very seriously. We monitor the weather and we won't enter a canyon unless we can exert the control required over the elements.

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