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Coronavirus Update

Tomorrow, on the 7th April, we will be resuming some sessions with Matari Forest School. These sessions will run with limited numbers and other additional restrictions on activities undertaken.

The Coronavirus Pandemic is getting increasingly more serious in some other countries, which might make our attitude towards the situation seem cavalier. Canyoning and climbing have always been sports with an inherent risk, a level of danger that can't be eliminated without undermining the very nature of the sports. However, those risks are always personal, and the activities are not meant to be undertaken when the risks are inflicted upon bystanders.

The purpose of social distancing - currently encouraged, practiced or enforced by many responsible governments - is intended to mitigate the risk posed by you to others.

So why are we not apparently observing the social distancing so stringently?

Well, South Korea is in a different situation to many other countries. The South Korean government was much more successful than other governments at early tracking and containment of the virus. There is much more information available to us for making informed decisions, which is the very nature of effective risk assessment. There are already many things here that seem to have resumed a position close to normality.

Before commencement of any activities, we gather as much information as possible on people's recent activities and condition. We take the dangers posed by the coronavirus very seriously and our position may change depending on developments in the current situation.

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