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Warm waters in The Lost Valley

Yesterday was quite a special trip for us. We had a group of kids on our Lost Valley Tour - kids we've known for around 2 years.

They've recently started learning how to swim so they were ready for some fun in the water. And whilst we don't want to diminish the other activities we do, canyoning is by far and away our favourite thing to do!

There has been barely any rain in this particular valley this year. The previous two years have seen floods during the rainy season that washed out bridges on the approach road and totaled stairways on the trail.

True, the rainy season, this year, has been very light - but we've never seen water levels as low as this in the Lost Valley.

Whilst we might not recommend this particular tour to adults, right now (at these water levels), conditions are great for introducing youngsters to canyoning. We have: warmer water, shallower pools, easier small jumps, less retentive slides, etc.

Driving away from this venue it just started to rain. By the time we reached Seoul, the weather had turned torrential - perfect for drying wetsuits after the wash...

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