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Night Canyon

Last night, we ran our first Kids Night Canyon tour.

These kids were aged from 6 to 8 years old.

We did a shortened version of the intended descent, to make the timing work for them.

You could be forgiven for thinking summer is over, with recent temperatures (and the departure of that humidity), but water is still inviting enough on an evening here.

With adult groups, or on more challenging peer trips, we also use different coloured glow sticks on our night descents; to mark and identify people and essential equipment (like rope bags).

However, for this kids group, because we always encourage them to be mindful about creating single-use waste, we didn't use any glow sticks. The descent is straight-forward enough, and the bottoms of all drops are easily seen.

We're also planning a Kids Shower Climbing tour in the near future too! (in a new venue!)

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