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Anchors stripped out

It is somewhat of a dilemma for all outdoor enthusiasts, how do we enjoy the natural environment without altering what it is we so love about it.

Canyoning often requires some alteration to the rock, so that we can descend safely. It is typically something discreet; a bolt or two, coloured and placed so as not to be too obtrusive.

Commercially descended canyons, in order to facilitate more rapid descents, are usually equipped with extra fixed ropes and lines.

Our Serpent's Tail canyon, near Gapyeong, had a single fixed anchor for the duration of the season. It was placed at a location invisible to any other visitors, and inaccessible to any other hikers.

However, after a cold winter, with no to little tree cover offering protection from the sun, our anchor would be of no use next year. In order to return the canyon back to its natural state, we have now stripped it out. We'll place a new one in next year. But for now, nothing is left to mark our passage through this special place.

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