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Canyoning Korea has pioneered commercial canyoneering in South Korea. There are currently no other canyoning tour providers operating in any of our venues.  All of our tours are private; once you book, that tour is yours. You control the start time and the whole day will be paced according to your needs.

Minimum group sizes are required to secure bookings during our peak season (July-September).

For all of our canyoning activities, we provide 5mm wetsuits, 5mm neoprene socks, helmets, harnesses and life jackets (should you require them).  Your guide will also bring a waterproof camera - or bring along a helmet with a gopro mount if you request it.


Further information will be provided upon inquiry regarding bookings.

We offer 3 beginner level tours in 3 different locations.  For experienced canyoneers, or returning customers, please message us regarding our custom tours around Sokcho, Inje and Miryang.

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Serpent's Tail Canyon

The Serpent's Tail Canyon is green and secluded, with water so clean you could acutally drink it. Once you're off the main trails, it is unlikely you'll see another soul until you exit the canyon.

This tour begins with an hour of easy hiking. To descend the stream you'll drop down one 9m free hanging rope lower, fly down one of our ziplines and then learn to rappel on a nice 4m waterfall facing slab. 

From here, you'll then tackle a 9m rappel through the water into our slide pool. Then our canyon climaxes with a 25m rappel that sends you through a curtain of cascading water. There are numerous places to swim in the clear waters of this valley as we make our way back to the cars. For those who still want some action, there is a jump pool right beside the very place we started.

This tour is ideal for canyoning first timers. It is also ideal for those who are not confident swimming through deep pools.

If you've been living in South Korea for a while, this venue gives you a real opportunity to escape the crowds and swim in a wilderness location away from all those frustrating 'No Swimming' signs.

120,000 won per person

130,000 won per person with a pick up and drop off at Gapyeong Train Station 

Tour Duration: 4-5+ hours (not including transfers from Gapyeong Station)

Maximum group size: 6

Minimum Age: 12 years old

Drive Times: 1 hour 50 minutes from Seoul /  45 minutes from Gapyeong / 1 hour 15 minutes from Chuncheon


Tours run from the start of May to the end of October

To secure a booking, contact us by email or phone

+82 10 2318 1645

Canyoning Korea Lost Valley Kids.jpg

Lost Valley Canyon


Our Lost Valley Canyon can accommodate much bigger groups than our other canyons - so it's ideal if you are here with a big group of friends. The hike in at the beginning is super easy and this venue also catches the most sunshine during the Spring and Fall seasons.

Just like its counterpart limestone canyons in other parts of the world, this venue has smooth slides and deep pools - deeper than in any other valley of South Korea. Depending on conditions and water levels, it is possible to complete a descent of this canyon without any ropes - we jump, slide and swim our way down.

120,000 won per person

Tour Duration: 3+ hours

Maximum Group Size: 16

Minimum Age: 8 years old (for accompanied minors) 12 years old (unaccompanied minors) 

Drive Times:  3 hours 30 minutes from Seoul / 1 hour from Uljin / 50 minutes from Taebaek / 1 hour 30 minutes from Samcheok


Tours run from the start of May until the end of October


To secure a booking, contact us by email or phone

+82 10 2318 1645

Main Rappel
Korea Canyon Group Photo
Fast Slide.jpg

Sleeping Dragon

The Sleeping Dragon Canyon is our warmest canyon. If you choose to forgo the benefits of a wetsuit's padding, the water temperatures are more than comfortable enough to swim without neoprene during the summer. This venue also has a little bit of everything - a big rappel, some jumps and a couple of fun slides too.

However, when it rains, the Dragon wakes up and even more waterslides come to life!

The side of the particular mountain upon which this canyon lies is not so frequently visited anymore. The hike in is not too strenuous but it can become overgrown and it is not uncommon to sight wildlife during this tour.

120,000 won per person

Tour Duration: 3-4+ hours

Maximum Group Size: 6

Minimum Age: 12 years old 

Drive Times:  3 hours from Seoul / 1 hour 15 minutes from Uljin / 30-40 minutes from Samcheok or Donghae


Tours run from the start of May until the end of October

To secure a booking, contact us by email or phone

+82 10 2318 1645

myeongseongsan canyon cover.JPG

Family Canyon

Sleeping Dragon


New for 2024!

This is the closest canyoning venue to Seoul. It also has the shortest and easiest approach of all our canyoning tours; it takes only 35 minutes to get the top. From the top, we have 2 rappels that are ideal for youngsters and first timers. We then makes our way down a valley by sliding into green pools and scrambling over boulders. At the end of our descent, it takes only 5 minutes to get back to the parking area, where there are coffee shops, restaurants and a lakeside amusement park too!

70,000 won per person

Tour Duration: 3+ hours

Minimum Group Booking 4

Maximum Group Size: 8

Minimum Age: 6 years old 

Drive Times:  1 hour 15 minutes from Seoul / 45 minutes from Pocheon / 1 hour from Gapyeong


Tours run on weekends from the start of June until the end of August

To secure a booking, contact us by email or phone

+82 10 2318 1645


Titan's Shadow

For a couple of years, this was a favourite amongst friends and canyoneers in our affiliated recreational group. With each successive trip we've managed to suss out the best jumps and the best slides, so we've decided to launch this as our new 2024 Tour, replacing Stellar Canyon as our Sokcho Canyon.

Misiryeong Valley is a popular swimming spot with the locals, but we can take you higher up the stream to see - and descend! - two spectacular waterfalls as well as take the plunge into some other hidden swimming holes. 

There is very little height to climb on the approach to this canyon which makes it a more relaxing option than some of our other tours.

To make the most of your trip, in the surrounding area, you can visit beaches, a famous traditional seaside market and the incredible Seoraksan National Park.

120,000 won per person

130,000 won per person with a pick up and drop off at Sokcho Bus Terminal 

Tour Duration: 4-5+ hours (not including transfers from Sockcho Bus Terminal)

Maximum group size: 8

Minimum Age: 12 years old

Drive Times: 1 hour 50 minutes from Seoul /  10 minutes from Sokcho

Tours run from the mid May to the end of October

To secure a booking, contact us by email or phone

+82 10 2318 1645

Canyoning Korea Kids Waterfall Rappel
Canyon Pool
Natural Shower.jpg

Canyon Adventures

If any of the above locations are not convenient to where you are, or you've done plenty of canyoning elsewhere, drop us a message and we'll see if we can't put together a custom tour for you.

We know a lot of venues which gives us a lot of flexibility to respond to whatever the weather is doing at any particular time of the year. There aren't as many aquatic canyons in South Korea as you might find elsewhere, but there are plenty of locations with some big rappels!

For visiting canyoneers, or resident canyoneers, in South Korea, we have an affiliated recreational group. If you'd like to be connected to other members in the group, use the same contact details listed above. Within the group, canyoneers will also have access to a guidebook which details the hardest and biggest descents here.

Here's how you can get in touch

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