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Waterfall Treks

New for 2023 - Introducing our new Waterfall Trekking Tours.

Leave the heavy canyoneering bags behind. Forget carrying in the bulky 5mm wetsuit.
We'll venture off the main trails, packing light, leaving the crowds behind to discover some of South Korea's best kept secrets.

Join us in the Summer and we'll take you to private swimming pools - or come along in the Winter and stand beneath a tower of ice.


Secluded Waterfall Korea

These tours are custom. Tell us where you're staying and we'll advise you of what is nearby.
Or perhaps you've seen an untitled photo on instagram or in a magazine - we can tell you where it is.
We'll then build your tour around where you want to go and where the water is flowing at that moment in time.

Available year round; tour content and activity will be adjusted according to the seasonal conditions.

Available as half day and full day tours.
Prices start at 80,000 won per person for a half day.
Full days start at 120,000 won per person.
Costs will be affected by transportation, lunches and additional activities.
Discounts may be applied according to group sizes.


Hidden Waterfall Korea
Off Trail Waterfall Korea
Secret Waterfall Korea
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