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The Guides

Canyoning Korea


From England, Jak has 15 years experience guiding and instructing in the outdoors. His love for kayak and raft guiding, paired with his pursuit of climbing, ultimately led to his discovery of Canyoning. Since he first discovered the sport, he has canyoned in 11 different countries and guided in 6 of those.

He is a calm and patient guide, with the skills and energy to give you the adventure you are craving.



Kyu was formerly the director of Wildstep Korea, an outdoor based company that specialises in delivering team building programs to young adults, but has now embarked on his own new project - Roundabout - another outdoor based developmental training provider.

Together with Jak, Kyu has been active in trying to map out the existing canyoning descents in South Korea.

He is a knowledgeable and charismatic guide, who isn't afraid to throw in a backflip or two off some of our canyon jumps.

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