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A Quick Update

Typhoon Hinnamnor is already causing chaos in Jeju, but we don't expect it to have much of a lasting effect on our canyoning venues.

It does feel like the weather has been an especially big disruptor this year (although floods locked us out of one venue for the entirety of 2020... we do have short memories sometimes). We didn't expect the numbers of foreign visitors to immediately resurge after covid (which hasn't been resolved everywhere, as of now, yet anyway), but we did have hopes that there might be some return to normality this year. Luckily, we did manage to resume our work with international schools, but heavy rain has led to many a quiet day here.

Above: Photos from today's short excursion

This morning, when we were supposed to be on tour in our Lost Valley, we found ourselves with a free day. So, we decided to check out another local(ish) venue that had been recommended by a non-canyoneer friend. After some quick searches, we were fairly sure that the waterfalls and streams wouldn't be suitable for our roster of tours, but with this much water it seemed a perfect time to take look anyway - and exploring Korea is much more important to us than developing our catalogue of commercial products.

Our new Sokcho tour looked to be popular early in the season, but again, weather has proven to be an issue. The Samcheok tour, which we launched last year seems to have cemented itself as the favourite.

Rescheduling cancelled tours is proving tricky as we are pretty well booked up for the remainder of September - hiking, canyoning, forest schools and a Jirisan expedition all on the books. We are also giving up some time to commit to a clean up on the west coast of Korea - at a location we had hoped might become a coasteering venue for us. Whilst we're not convinced (for now) that a satisfying coasteering tour can be set up, there, we are still working with Adventure Korea to develop other adventurous activity tours.

Looking ahead to October, we have more expeditions, and maybe our first kids 'Shower Climbing' tour (hopefully the weather works out for that).

Canyoning Tours ran into early November last year, but we'll have to wait and see what temperatures do in 2022.

More rain is forecast for Seoul during today and tomorrow - but it does look like it might brighten up later in the week. We're going to try for one more local recce tomorrow - following a tip from a facebook post. Perhaps we'll come back with pics worth sharing tomorrow.

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