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In Korea, there are a few lists, with minor differences between them, that list the 100 most famous/beautiful mountains to climb. Ticking off these 100 mountains (or closer to 130 if you are tackling multiple lists) is a goal of many hikers here. The Black Yak outdoor brand even awards badges to those who complete their list.

With so many mountains in Korea, referring to the list is a great way of focusing your efforts in the areas most likely to be highly rewarding.

Over the years, we had it in our minds that we'd visited many mountains, but after looking over our records, we've realised that we haven't actually summitted many of them.

Our days out were often centred around looking for waterfalls and climbs.

This year, we might see how many we can scratch off the list; be it on tour, training or a day off.

Our Guided Ridge Climbs, on Palbongsan and Gwanaksan, can help you bag two.

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