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캐녀닝 or 캐니어닝?

There is no universally accepted translation for canyoning, in Korean, although 캐니어닝 is perhaps the most official.

캐녀닝 is our preferred translation on social media, being the one most widely used in Cebu and Vietnam, for Korean travelers, and by travelers themselves.

캐니어닝 is the translation favoured by a Korean colleague who worked in Japan and New Zealand, and is the one we use on our website in tour descriptions.

However, if you're looking for canyoning leads here, you can search for 폭포 or 계곡 (waterfall or valley), but you may also have some luck with:

캔녀닝, 캐년잉, 계곡트레킹, 계곡트래킹 or 폭포다이빙.

We do regular searches with each to track down leads, using naver, google and instagram.

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