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Cold and Dry

We don't run any canyoning tours, but hiking is available. Conditions can be icy, but the frozen streams can be spectacular.

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Spring approaches. 

Whilst temperatures are still cool, the water is flowing again. Cherry blossoms appear on the mountains. 

Canyoning season starts in our Southerly Canyons!

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Rainy season.

Whilst hot, there are more rainy days.

High water makes the canyons much more fun!

Although hiking in high humidity can be challenging, it is a perfect time to go looking for waterfalls.

Dobongsan #9.JPG


Fall Approaches

It is still warm enough to go canyoning, especially with our 5mm wetsuits, but the mountains are beginning to change. Green becomes red and yellow. This is the best time of year for hiking. It isn't humid, nor is it too hot, and the views are spectacular.

Cheorwon #03.JPG


Still Cold, but with a higher chance of snowfall.

There are still no canyoning tours, but conditions for hiking are beautiful.



Spring fully underway.

Water temperatures are much more comfortable and the mountains are green once again.

Great conditions for hiking and canyoning.

Typically, there are many air quality warnings in Seoul at this time of year, giving you even more of a reason to venture further out from the city.



Hot and Humid.

The city can be unbearable at this time of year, but the canyons are a perfect place to be; the water is running well, the mountains are green and alive, and the water is a perfect antidote to the heat.



Winter is coming!

We will still run canyoning tours if you feel brave enough. On fair weather days, in a 5mm wetsuit, the thrill of canyoning can be worth a little chill.

November is great for hiking - the cooler temperatures make it much easier to ascend those heights.

Kalbongsan #01.JPG


Cold and dry, but the ice begins to thaw.

Still too early for canyoning.

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It is warm and still quite dry.

Water levels can be low, but temperatures are great. 

High humidity has not set in yet, so hiking is still comfortable.



Hot with cooler days

The humidity begins to drop off. Canyons are still in great condition, but the nicest thing about September is that the evenings are beginning to cool off - making for a great opportunity to try night hiking.

Hidden Wall #03.JPG


Winter Arrives

Temperatures have dropped and the weather is very dry. 

The leaves have fallen. 

Canyoning tours stop, but conditions are good for hiking - especially the ridge climbs.

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